Innova Disc Star Mamba Distance

Archon is a speed 11 distance driver. Reminiscent of a longer Valkyrie. S11/G5/T-2/F2.|Sidewinder is a fast distance driver with predictable high speed turn and plenty of glide. S9/G5/T-3/F1.|Wraith is a stable flyer that performs predictably into the wind. S11/G5/T-1/F3.|Beast glides with a predictable finish, will increase distance for beginners and pros alike. S10/G5/T-2/F2.|Monarch is a great disc for beginners looking for a fast distance driver. S10/G5/T-4/F1.|Valkyrie is a turnover distance driver with great glide. Holds current world record in distance - 820'. S9/G4/T-2/F2.|The Tern has excellent speed and a flight path that maximizes glide over the entire flight. S12/G6/T-2/F2.|The Mamba was designed to give maximum distance for minimal effort. S11/G6/T-5/F1.|Blizzard Boss is great disc choice for sidearm or backhand throwers. Made with Champion plastic. High speed and premium plastic. S13/G5/T-1/F3.|The Champion Boss is perfect for power players, sidearm throws, and fast, long distance off the tee. This is a fast stable driver that can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds. Advanced and sidearm throwers will appreciate the dependable stability. The Boss has a slight high speed turn to help maximize distance with a predictable fade. Wt: 172-175 g.