ISC D5 Industrial Descender

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The D5 Descender has a double safety locking mechanism, which means when loaded, the side plates cannot be rotated open due to the positioning of the carabiner and the push button click-lock safety closure. The D5 is easy to attach/detach from rope without detaching from the operator’s harness, therefore eliminating the risk of accidental dropping of the device. It is easy to back-feed the rope through the D5 and therefore it can be used for smooth ascending or for emergency hauling (when used as part of a 2:1 Z-rig). Aluminum body with Stainless Steel cam Weight: 818 grams (29 ounces) Rated load: 240 Kg (551 lbs) Rope: Ø 12.7 mm (1/2") Certifications: EN12841, ANSI Z359, NFPA 1983