Kamp-Rite Insect Protection System with Rain Fly Tent

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The Kamp-Rite ¬タワIPS¬タン (Insect Protection System) is an extremely versatile item which adapts quickly to almost any environment. The 28¬タン W x 84¬タン L¬タワ x 40¬タン H ¬タワNo-See-Um¬タン mesh tent top utilizes aluminum poles and can be used as a standard, on the ground tent shelter. For a more pleasant night¬タルs sleep the IPS can be placed directly on a standard camping cot for added off-the-ground comfort. Compact and lightweight, the ¬タワIPS¬タン packs down and stores in a 6¬タン x 6¬タン x 14¬タン carry bag and weighs just 6 lbs. The ¬タワIPS¬タン comes complete with a Rain Fly which provides both privacy and protection from inclement weather.