Krave Jerky Garlic Chili Beef

With amazingly unique and savory flavors, Krave® Jerky is moist, wholesome and seriously satisfying. Gourmet, sliced, whole meat and natural seasonings. Great for when hitting the trail, camping or for an every day snack. Weight per bag is 3.25 oz. All Gluten Free. Basil Citrus Turkey: All natural turkey with tangy citrus and robust basil. Available in 1.5 oz. bag.|Chili Lime Beef: Tender slices of domestic beef teamed with medium-hot chili and zesty lime. Available in 1.5 oz. bag.|Pineapple Orange Beef: Slices of tender beef marinated in a sunny sweet orange and pineapple glaze.|Smoky Grilled Teriyaki Pork: Tender pork slices soaked in a teriyaki, brown sugar and smoky soy marinade. Available in 1.5 oz. bag.|Chipotle Beef: Smoky chipotle lends a moderate amount of heat with a hint of honey. Available in 1.5 oz. bag.|Lemon Garlic Turkey: All natural turkey with a perfect blend of lemon & garlic.|Black Cherry BBQ: Pork jerky with a black cherry barbecue seasoning. Available in 1.5 oz. bag.|Garlic Chili Pepper Beef: Beef jerky flavored with a robust garlic and chili marinade. Spicy!