Lee Precision Reloading Universal Flaring Die 90798

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Lee Precision Reloading Universal Flaring Die  90798

Gently flares the case mouth to accept cast bullets without shaving.

Works great to prevent damaging the moly and low friction coatings found on today's high performance bullets.

Tapered expander plug is designed to flare the case mouth for use with cast lead bullets. Includes neck plugs for 22 through 45 caliber.

Works on everything from the 22 Hornet to the largest Ultra Magnum. Shellholder sold separately. Works in any press that accepts 7/8"-14 threaded dies.


- Number of Dies: 1
- Die Type: Neck Expanding
- Threads: 7/8"-14
- ShellHolder Included: No
- Storage Box Included: Yes
- Caliber Group: 22 to 45 Caliber