LevelGuard Tank Monitor 200 Three Tank Kit

Tank Monitor 200 Three Tank Kit

Fluid level monitoring system for plastic holding tanks

The LevelGuard Tank Monitor 200 provides accurate, early warning for critical holding tank fluid levels. With digital certainty, the LevelGuard Tank Monitor 200 is the reliable choice for monitoring fluid levels in 2, 3, or 4 tanks. This tank monitoring system is suitable for any applications that carry water-based solution: industrial or farm liquids, bulk beverage or dairy, fresh or waste water, sewage, ground water, coolants, pesticides or fertilizers.


  • Three sensors per tank with an LED display panel lights shine progressively when sensors detect liquid at each level: Empty, 1/3, 2/3, and Full
  • Display includes fresh water, holding tank 1, holding tank 2 indicators (depending on model selected)
  • Tanks can be any volume
  • No mechanical float switches or moving parts to jam, fail, or wear out
  • No exposure to corrosive liquid
  • No probes to get clogged or coated
  • Easy installation
  • No tank intrusion required
  • Sensors attach to exterior of tank with aggressive adhesive (unaffected by moisture or vibration)
  • 1-year warranty 

How it works:

Field-Effect sensors (encased in rugged plastic) create an invisible, low-power electric field that detects fluid levels. When a conductive material, like water, enters the LevelGuard "e-field", the sensors detect its presence and trigger the alarm. Tested to millions of cycles in fluid control applications, LevelGuard  performs reliably under extreme conditions of temperature, humidity, UV, vibration and salt water corrosion and is a robust solution for challenging environments. 


  • Voltage rating: 10.5 to 14.4 VDC
  • Each sensor draws 16 µA when no key pressed; 2.5 mA activated
  • Can connect to an indicator panel, audio buzzer or relay to remote signaling device
  • No damage if wired with reverse polarity
  • CAUTION: Note for use with metal tanks. Can be used with fiberglass tanks if surface is smoothed so sensors have full contact

Kit Contents:

  • LevelGuard Tank Monitor display panel with LEDs and 6" (152 mm) color-coded wire leads
  • Wiring harness with 3 daisy-chained "field effect" sensors for two, three, or four tanks and 12" (305 mm) color-coded wire leads
  • Fuse holder