Lockdown Golden Rod Digital Wireless Hygrometer 222532

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Lockdown Golden Rod Digital Wireless Hygrometer 222532

The Golden Rod Wireless Hygrometer was designed to display the humidity in your vault without ever opening it.

The wireless LCD display

clearly shows the in-vault and in-room humidity and temperature levels through its two piece sensor design.

Simply place the sensor in your

vault and put the display screen on your vault with its built in kick stand support or magnetic back.

The Hygrometer measures and displays

humidity from 20% to 90% and while also recording minimum and maximum records.

This battery operated Hygrometer is a must have for every vault owner.


- Easy to read LCD Screen
- Slim profile design
- Wireless sensor
- Min/Max temperature and humidity record
- In-Vault temperature range : 14F to 122F
- Measuring humidity from 20% to 95%
- In-Room temperature range: -4F to 158F
- Kick-stand for upright placement or magnet for placement on the side of your safe