Lyman GEN 6 Compact Digital Pwdr Sys (115/230V) 7750550

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Lyman Gen 6 Compact Touch Screen Powder Scale and Dispenser 110/220 Volt

Lyman is one of the most recognized names in reloading, producing innovative tools for serious shooters and reloaders. Offering products that get the job done while still offering value and advancing technology. Lyman uses it's years of experience and user feedback to offer the best performing reloading tools available.

The Lyman GEN6 Digital Powder System uses the latest technologies to make one of the fastest and most accurate powder systems on the market. Featuring a fast 3 minute warm up time and Anti-Static/Anti-Drift technology is just the start of the Gen6's amazing features. Users will also appreciate the compact size of the Gen6 that takes up 50% less bench space compared to similar powder systems. An Auto Repeat Function that drops a precise charge each time the pan is reset speeds up the loading process. The Gen6 Powder System dispenses 2 grains per second while delivering +/- 1/10th grain accuracy. Also included is an Electronic Interference Shield that resists interference from cell phones and other electronic devices. Changing powder is made fast and clean with the quick drain feature that prevents powder from spilling when removing it from the hopper.


- Touch Screen Controls
- Anti-Static/Anti-Drift Technology
- Fast 3 Minute Warm-Up
- Uses 50% less bench space


- Capacity: 1500 Grains
- Material: Plastic housing
- Voltage: 10/220 Volt
- Units: Grains
- Accuracy: +/- 1/10th Grain