Mag 2D Mag LED Black

A projecting beam that focuses simply by rotating the head. Balanced Optics provide a focusing 3 watt Rebel LED, which is optimized to produce a powerful beam. Intelligent energy source management balances an optimum high brightness with extended battery life. Dimensions: 10" x 1.56" x 2.25" (2D), 12.34" x 1.56" x 2.25" (3D). Wt: 23 oz. (2D), 30 oz. (3D). Lumens: 134 (2D), 131 (3D)|Burn Time: 8 hrs (2D), 79 hrs (3D)|Max Distance: 388 m (2D), 364 m (3D)|Water Resistant|Power Source: 2 D or 3 D