Master Cutlery Master Cultery Polymer Training Sword 24 in Overall 1803PP

The Japanese samurai were well-known for their sword techniques, many of which included not only a katana, but also a smaller blade, the wakizashi. This Synthetic Shoto Sword allows for a practitioner to train in such techniques with ease and safety. Traditionally, the wakizashi is used in a method similar to the katana, serving as a shorter blade for use in situations when the katana was otherwise too long or unwieldy to draw. This training tool accurately replicates the traditional shoto, down even to the accurate two shaku length (which is about 24 inches). The training sword has a short, curved blade like that of a katana, as well as a rounded guard and a stylized handle to echo the form and feel of a real Japanese sword hilt. Best of all, this training wakizashi is made entirely from polypropylene, which is a synthetic polymer that gives this training weapon more durability than its wooden contemporaries. Paired with our Synthetic Samurai Sword (MC-1802PP), it makes for a fantastic daisho pair to train with and even on its own, this Synthetic Shoto Sword allows for enthusiasts to practice the martial arts in safety.