Mojo Outdoors Portable Dove Tree With Carrying Bag HW9006

*Note: Decoys not included

When doves approach any area, they are particularly attracted to a dead snag, or a wire, or food or other doves, and providing any of the above will create a dove magnet. The Mojo Quick Set Dove Tree provides all of these attractants except for food.

Made of 3 sections approximately 29" long and connected by an internal elastic band for great portability and very quick and easy assembly in the field, it extends to 8' high and is designed to display both static decoys and the Mojo Voodoo Dove. It instantly creates a Dove Magnet!


- Made of durable steel
- Highly portable, easily assembled in the field
- Foldable cross arms that hold up to 6 static decoys
- Works with wide range of static decoys
- Hub on top to hold Mojo Voodoo Dove or other Mojo Decoy
- Assembles and folds by use of plug together joints and internal elastic bands like tent stakes
- Never lose parts again
- Assembly quick and easy
- Disassembly just as easy
- Utilizes Mojo's Hard Ground Stirrup with steel spike for easy insertion even in hard ground
- Provided with convenient carry bag