Mountaineers Books Trad Guide To Joshua Tree

* Detailed directions to locate each climb* Full-color photos of every route* High-quality, moderate climbs that are sure to become your favorites* Descent instructions for every climb Many climbers who visit Joshua Tree spend as much time searching for good routes as they do actually climbing. This guidebook offers the moderate climber a fun, varied and challenging "tick-list" of 60 great Trad climbs, and makes it easy to find your way around. With color photos of every route, detailed maps, and easy-to-follow driving and hiking directions, you'll be able to climb numerous routes per day and make the most of your climbing trip. Key features of each climb are described, and you'll even know what to expect when you reach the top of a route and want to set up an anchor and later descend. Are you looking for an area with a concentration of a certain grade or climb? Color-coded overview maps will help you choose your spot. Charlie Winger is a prolific mountaineer who has climbed hundreds of peaks in Colorado, California, the 99 peaks on the Sierra Club's Desert Peaks List, 5 of the 7 continental summits, and much more. Diane takes a more relaxed approach to hiking, with some of her favorites being treks in New Zealand, Peru, and Nepal.