Mr. Beer Mr. Beer Bewitched Ale Kit

Mr. Beer® Starter Kits allow craft beer enthusiasts to brew high-quality beer with less time, equipment and expense than other homebrewing methods. The patented brewing system includes a compact, lightweight fermenter that is modeled after the design of professional brewing equipment. With vibrant amber hues, velvety smooth caramel malt character, subtle bitterness, and a delicate hop aroma, the Bewitched Amber Ale exhibits excellent balance and medium body. Microbrewery regulars will recognize the flavorful qualities of this standard. Included is a can of brewing extract that is concentrated form of an all natural malted barley and hops, as well as 11- 25 oz. reusable, shatterproof bottles that are specially designed for carbonating beer & No-Rinse Cleanser and unique Carbonation Drops to simplify the sanitization and carbonation processes. Bewitched Amber Ale Refill makes 22 servings (2 gallons).|Deluxe Bottling System includes 12- 25 oz. reusable, shatterproof bottles.