Muddy Muddy Soft-Sided 360 Blind BBB0750

The Muddy Soft Sided 360 Blind is constructed with a steel frame and platform, and comes equipped with an insulated and extremely durable camouflage cover. Includes an expanded metal floor with a durable foam floor lining, and zippered vertical and horizontal windows, ideal for both gun and bow hunting. The windows are dual zippered allowing you to adjust how open your window is. This blind comes with ultra-silent sliding black mesh window covers to keep you concealed while still giving you a clear view into the field, as well as overhead mesh storage cubbies. Another unique feature is the durable rubber dampeners that sit over the shooting rails, allowing for ultimate silence. The full-size door measures 70in x30in allowing for easy entry and exit. The soft-sided blind itself weighs 163 lbs. and is rated for up to 500 lbs. The Soft Side 360 can be placed upon on Muddy Deluxe and Elite towers, or you can sit it on the ground, making this the ultimate blind for any situation.