Muddy Pro-Cam 10 Trail Camera Bundle

Muddy’s Pro-Cam 10 Bundle comes feature packed and includes everything you need to head straight to the field and start tracking. Bundle includes: Muddy Pro-Cam Sfi, 6 AA batteries, and an 8 GB SD Card. The Muddy Pro-Cam 10 delivers crystal clear video and still imagery of wildlife, wilderness, and natural habitats day and night. Provides excellent, high-quality 10MP full color daytime photos and 2MP monochrome nighttime photos using Invisible Flash with 18 HE LEDs at a trigger speed of 1.5 seconds. Optional 2-6 photo burst with 2 seconds interval. Detection range triggered out to a distance of 50 ft. with a nighttime flash range of 50+ ft. and has 4 programmable options in video length, from 10 to 60 seconds recorded at a standard 32 frames-per-second. Provides an LCD setting screen for easy set up and programming purposes. Molded ABS waterproof durable housing and Climate Shield technology provide optimal performance for multi-season use. A Natural Hyde non-reflective brown finish offers exceptional camouflage. Includes an adjustable strap with buckle for mounting purposes included. Cable lock and padlock ready for theft deterrence. Dimensions: 4.75”H x 4.25”W x 2.5”D.