NcStar Mosin Nagant Sling AAMNS

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The NCStar Mosin Nagant Rifle Sling is a great way to carry your rifle with you, into the field or to your favorite hunting spot.
This NCStar Gun Sling is made with a Mosin Nagant rifle thick canvas web with high quality leather dog straps for strength.
The NCStar Weapon Mosin-Nagant Carry Sling weighs a mere 4.7oz, so any extra weight will hardly be noticed.
With a maximum length of 39.0 inches, this Rifle Sling from NCStar is great for any sized user.
For a great way to make sure your rifle is easy to transport, choose the NCStar Firearm Mosin Nagant Gun Sling.


- Durable
- Lightweight
- Canvas web sling
- Leather dog collar straps


- Max Length: 39.0in
- Weight: 4.7oz
- Material: Canvas Web