New Archery Products Spitfire Double Cross 100 (3Pk) 60-086

Taking the proven O-ring-free Spitfire design to the next level, the New Archery Products Spitfire DoubleCross Mechanical Broadhead gives bowhunters 4 blades of deadly take down power. Delivering both a vertical and horizontal cut at any shot angle, this broadhead delivers a 2 stage cut for better entrance and exit wound channels and increased blood trails. The DoubleCross' main blades open first at impact to deliver a massive 1-7/8" cutting diameter, while the rear deploying second stage "bleeder" blades produce a 1-1/18" cut. Built around a micro-grooved ferrule that slices cleanly into tissue, this deadly broadhead comes topped with a bone-crushing Trophy Tip. This tip provides deeper penetration into the target before the blades deploy, reducing the chance of deflection, even on steep angle shots. Built to take down large game, with .030" thick main blades and .027" thick bleeder blades. 100 grain.


- Proven Spitfire design with 4 blades of deadly cutting power
- 2-stage, 4-blade broadhead - delivers both vertical and horizontal cut
- Better entrance and exit wound channels and increased blood trails
- Main blades - .030" thick, massive 1-7/8" cutting diameter
- Second stage "bleeder blades" - .027" thick, 1-1/18" cutting diameter
- Strong and smooth micro-grooved ferrule - slices cleanly into tissue
- Bone-crushing Trophy Tip - deeper penetration into the target before blade deployment


- Blade Count: 4
- Weight: 100 Grains
- Cutting Diameter: 3"
- Shaft Diameter: 8/32"
- Diameter: 8/32"
- Quantity: 3 Pack