Ol Man Roost Steel Hang-On Treestand COM-09

Bow hunters especially appreciate how quickly the Ol Man Roost sets up - and the unmatched safety of our chain attachment. Backpack straps make it easy to carry your gear into the woods without making two trips. Featuring - Quick Set Up Time, Super Gripping Chain Attachment, Easy Pack-in (backstraps included), Patented ComforTech Mesh Seating, Padded Armrests Included, Also Includes Additional Ratchet Strap for Extra Security. Steel construction weighing 22.5 lbs. Seat width - 22in. Standing Platform - 24in. x 32in. x 6in. Weight Limit 300 lbs., Seat Style - ComforTech seating system. Includes TMA 5-Point Full Body Safety Harness, instructional DVD.