Olomomo Nut Co Vinegar/Sea Salt Almonds 1.5oz

Eating Olomomo nuts will likely make you nuttier, happier and more adventurous. It’s true. Studies have shown that when individuals eat delicious nuts made by a super monkey they were 10 times more likely to invent something awesome, live to be 100 (but look like they’re 30) and… well, of course that may be an exaggeration, but it’s common knowledge that nuts are pretty awesome for you. Best part? Gluten-Free! Chai Bliss: Contains almonds, organic evaporated cane juice, organic ground cardamom, organic vanilla extract. 160 calories/serving.|Cherry Vanilla: Contains almonds, organic evaporated cane juice, cherry, vanilla. 160 calories/serving.|Mango Chipotle: Contains almonds, organic sugar, fresh-ground mango, chipotle, Kosher salt. 160 calories/serving.|Cinnamon Cayenne: Contains almonds, organic sugar, cinnamon, cayenne. 160 calories/serving.|Vinegar/Sea Salt: Contains almonds, ume vinegar, ume plum puree (water, ume plums, shiso leaf), sea salt. 170 calories/serving.|