Orion 12 Gauge Hp Alert/Locate Kit

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Comes with 1-12 Gauge Safety Launcher, 4-12 Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals, 4-Handheld Red Signal Flares, 2-Handheld Orange Smoke Signal all in an International Orange heavy-duty plastic storage canister that is waterproof & floats. Medications module includes Aspirin, non-Aspirin, motion sickness, etc. General first aid module includes bandages, ointments and gauze. All signals U.S. Coast Guard approved. Launcher is corrosion resistant, has a bandolier that holds 6 signals, lifetime warranty.|Aerial Signals altitude up 500', 16,000 candela, 7 sec. burn time.|Handheld Signal Flares have 700 candela, 3 min. burn time each.|Smoke Signal burns up to 1 min.