Overboard Gear Dry Flat 15 L Red

The aptly named Waterproof OverBoard Dry Flat Bag is made of super-light ripstop-TPU coated nylon that folds away into a flat little package when not in use. Thanks to our clever Fold Seal System and welded seams, you can get as wet, sandy or muddy as you like without your valuables suddenly becoming worthless. This lightweight Dry Flat Bag will float and will handle a quick dunking. You can easily wipe it clean again after use as well. Dimensions: 9" x 10.6" (5L) / 14" x 15.6" (15L) / 19.7" x 14.6" (30L)|Weight: 5.6 oz. (5L) / 7.76 oz (15L) / 9.17 oz (30L)|Capacity: 300 Cubic Inches (5L) / 900 Cubic Inches (15L) / 1800 Cubic Inches (30L)