Overboard Waist Pack 4L Purple

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Designed with your active adventures in mind, the Waterproof Waist Pack can take a quick dunking, so if you do go overboard, your stuff is safe. Made of environmentally friendly TPU, this waterproof waist bag seals tight with the trusty Fold Seal System™, making it suitable for quick submersion and it floats when dropped in water, too. Complete with a water-resistant front zip pocket and a side bottle holder; this is the perfect kit-carrying waist pack for boating, kayaking, cycling or walking. Dimensions: 5” x 7.5” x 3” Wt: 0.7 lbs.|2 Way fold and seal system|Padded belt fits up to 48 In. waist|Height: 5.1 In. (2L) / 5.9 In. (4L)|Width: 7.8 In. (2L) / 10.6 In. (4L)|Depth: 3 In. (2L) / 4In. (4L)|Weight: 9 oz. (2L) / 10oz. (4L)