Penguin Putnam The Cool Impossible

Featured in the book Born to Run, running coach Eric Orton offers a guide for every runner… Natural running is more than barefoot running. It’s about the joy of running that we were all born with and can reawaken. With a program focused on proper form, strength development, and cardiovascular training, Orton will help beginners, competitors, and enduring veterans reach “the cool impossible”—the belief that any achievement, athletic or otherwise, is within our reach. Inside you’ll find: * Foot strength exercises for runners to catapult performance, combat injuries, and transform technique* A total-body-strength program designed for runners* Step-by-step run-form coaching for performance and lifelong healthy running* A training program for building endurance, strength, and speed* No-nonsense nutrition for runners* Visualization and mind-training tactics to run and live the Cool Impossible* And much more… ATHLETICISM IS AWARENESS—awareness of form and technique, awareness of our effort level, and, most important, awareness of what we think. And with that awareness comes the endless potential for mastery and achievement beyond anything you thought possible.