Plano MS FieldLockerTactLongGunCase w/WheelsBlk 109440

The 109440 Field Locker Tactical Long Mil-Spec Gun Case is Engineered to meet military specifications, Plano's line of gun cases provides top level security for high end shotguns, rifles and handguns. Equipped with reinforced construction, watertight seals, double density foam, industrial draw down latches and customization inserts, these cases provide absolute security for the transportation and storage of your firearms.


- Cut to fit foam
- Extra wide latches
- Premium quality and durability for a case that travels anywhere
- Heavy duty gasket keeps out the elements
- Wheeled case for ease of transport
- Designed to stack and interlock with each other


- Exterior: 46.38" x 18" x 7.25"
- Interior: 44" x 15" 6.38"