Point 65 Sweden Easy Adventure Tour Gs 230Cm

A durable high angle paddle with reinforced nylon blades. Equipped with oval grips and rubber drip rings. Good value for a paddle! The blades are designed for high angle strokes. Blade: Glass reinforced nylon|Lengths: 220cm, 86 in / 230cm, 90 in|Blade: Glass reinforced nylon|Shaft: 2 piece aluminum|Shaft: 2 piece aluminum|GS Shaft: 2 piece fiberglass|Weight: 1130 g / 40 oz (230cm)|GS Weight: 992g / 35oz (230cm)|GS Shaft: 2 piece fiberglass|GS Weight: 992 g / 35 oz (230cm)|Lengths: 220cm, 86in / 230cm, 90in