Predator Tactics Predator Tactics Buck Lantern Head Light Kit-Green/White LED 97467

The Buck Lantern hunting headlight kit is the first of its kind. Originally designed with the deer hunter in mind, but its possibility of uses are endless in the world of hunting and outdoor activities. Whether you are a deer hunter, coyote hunter, fox hunter, hog hunter, coon hunter, fisherman, boater, camper, hiker or just a flashlight enthusiast, this is the last hunting light you will ever need. The Buck Lantern night hunting light features an adjustable focus with three modes: bright white, dim white and bright green. The battery compartment is rainproof to protect the included pair of rechargeable 18-650 batteries. Featuring a charger that hooks directly into the battery compartment for convenient charging in your vehicle or from your wall outlet, once fully charged, a green hunting light indicator will appear. Along with a built in halo shield that controls the light so it only goes where you want it to go making it great for use as a scan light to hunt coyotes.