Presta Marine Hull & Deck Cleaner - 22oz

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Marine Hull & Deck Cleaner - 22oz

Powerful cleaner and degreaser designed for flat and non-skid surfaces. Removes dirt, grease stains and streaks from fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces.

This highly concentrated, non-caustic formula is safe on all hard surfaces including aluminum.


Phosphate-free & biodegradable

  • Environmentally safer than other formulas
  • Can be used in marinas 

Highly-concentrated, powerful formula

  • Non-caustic and can be used on aluminum 
  • Removes dirt, grease & water-line stains 

Versatile uses

  • Use on non-skid and flat surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces
  • Dilute for greater economy and use