Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry

With folding legs, the Helix series has a wide, stable foundation that holds fast even on irregular surfaces. These lanterns hang from all different angles, whether cooking, playing cards, or in a tent. The controls are unique as well, with the Backcountry's button-free control surface and the Basecamps's familiar power dial. They all collapse down to a fraction of their normal size when it comes time to break camp. Backcountry: 4.53" x 2.11" x 5.54" |Basecamp & Rechargeable: 5.64" x 2.64" x 6.94"|Max Lumens: 150 (Backcountry), 200 (Basecamp & Rechargeable)|Max Burn Time: 60 hrs (Backcountry), 50 hrs (Basecamp), 24 hrs (Rechargeable)|Waterproof: IPX4|Power Source: 3AAA (Backcountry), 4AA (Basecamp), Lithium Rechargeable or 3AA (Rechargeable)|