Armored Outdoor Gear Ratsack Medium 10 oz Rodent-Proof Food Storage Cache Bag

The medium Ratsack Cache Bag will hold up to 26 12 oz. cans or 12 packages of 2.5 serving freeze dried meals.

2" Hook and Loop closure: The extra wide closure makes certain that varmits won't be getting into your stuff. It's fast and easy for you to open though. No zippers to break and no cords to tie, the hook and loop closure is simple to operate and very reliable.

1/2" brass grommet: The grommet is big enough for a climbing carabineer, but smaller keychain 'bineers work too. With the grommet, it's a snap to hang the RATSACK to keep it out of reach of those larger varmits that have an interest in your supplies. The placement of the grommet ensures that the critter trying to get into the RATSACK won't have the ability to force open the hook and loop closure. The Ratsack will just rotate.

  • Weight: 10 oz +/-
  • Volume: 1800 c.i. +/-
  • Width and Length: 18" x 19" +/-
  • Contents are not included