RCBS APS Mag Large Pistol Strips 8Pk. 88515

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RCBS APS Mag Large Pistol Strips 8Pk. 88515

APS is the latest advance in automatic priming. Pioneered by RCBS, APS priming tools use plastic feeder strips that eliminate touching the primer.

No more worry about spilling or contaminating primers with oily fingers. Reliable CCI primers are now available preloaded into APS strips.

Strips hold 25 primers each and are color-coded for positive identification of primer type-no more confusion or misidentified primers.

Strips can be linked for continuous feeding. Simply insert the CCI APS strips into RCBS APS tools and start priming. Strips work only in RCBS APS priming tools.

APS Strip, Mag Large Pistol 8/pack- Red

Strips only - no primers included.