Riverbend Publishing Amc Mountain Skills Manual

This comprehensive guide, from the nation's oldest outdoors club, covers the essential skills every hiker and backpacker needs to know. Novice and experienced outdoorspeople will appreciate this authoritative resource on trip planning, gear, food, navigation, and mountain safety, as well as ways to be an active steward of our trails and natural resources. AMC's Mountain Skills Manual is rooted in the best practices taught in the Appalachian Mountain Club's outdoor leadership training programs. Between them, authors Christian Bisson and Jamie Hannon have nearly 50 years' experience leading and instructing groups in the North American backcountry. Trekking with friends, family, and students has given them experience in preparing hikers of all skill levels for the unknowns anyone may face on the trail. Bad weather, accidents, and a whole host of worst-case scenarios get their due in this manual, along with tried-and-true ways of avoiding them in the first place.Whether readers want to map out a new adventure in the wilderness, perfect their pace and pack weight, or simply plan a weekend of car camping and day hikes, this guide will be an essential companion to enjoying every moment outdoors.