Schmoolz Replacement Straps Pr

A tool that lets you ice climb indoors! Well, that’s not strictly true - there’s no ice, no winter kit, and no sharp pointy things! The Schmoolz concept is simple; combine an industrial strength loop and a well-designed wooden shaft cut in the contoured form of an ice tool. Now you have the feel of an ice tool in the training environment of a traditional climbing wall. Features include: reinforced 6 mm rubber slings that will not damage the climbing surface, main grip with base plate to provide comfort and support, matching grip provides an ideal point to match, hand guard to ensure hands are protect from the wall and lanyard holes. Sold in pairs. The Schmoolz cause no harm or damage to the walls they are used on and can be brought into play at the same time as other climbers doing their normal thing at the wall.|Replacement slings: Sticky rubber and many more pitches of fun ahead. Hardware included.