Seattle Sports Dry Doc Digi 01 Black Waterproof Bag

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Protect your phones from the elements. Built with eco-friendly PVC-Free puncture-proof film and featuring positive-snap Ziploc - style closure for secure, simple, everyday use. New wrapped-body design for maximum through-case usability. Take photos, text, call, Instagram, without missing a beat. Digi 01: Streamlined size fits iPhones® without protective cases. Features Sure-Grip™ Strap. Interior Dimensions 5" x 3" Wt: 0.5 oz|Digi XL: New larger size to accommodate Samsung Galaxy S4® and other phablets to come. Feature Sure Grip™ Strap. Interior Dimensions: 6.12" x 3.62" Wt: 0.8 oz|Digi XL2: Larger size accommodates Galaxy S4® and other larger smartphones. Features PakBand™ Lashing System.