Seattle Sports PVC Free Solar Shower 5 Gallon

PVC-Free Solar Showers are more user friendly and packable. A comfortable slide-bar doubles as both the port closure and toting handle.Reflective printing for easy night time locating. Tear drop shape concentrates the water flow to the shower nozzle.Super tough urethane tube and easy-to-use push-pullshower head. Made with PVC-Free materials soyou can bask in warm water and ecological peace of mind.The 2.5 gal. size heats up the fastest. 2.5 gallon: 21" height, 16" width. Wt: 7.2 oz.|4 gallon: 24" height, 17" width. Wt: 7.8 oz.|5 gallon: 27" height, 18" width. Wt: 8 oz.