Shooter's Choice MC#7 Extra Stregnth BC (12oz aerosol can) MC7XT

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After almost 30 years of success with their famous MC#7 Firearms Bore Cleaner, Shooters Choice wanted to provide their loyal fans with a convenient aerosol version of our top seller. Not only is their MC#7 in an aerosol can, it has been formulated with an enhanced combination of cleaners to work faster and better than the original version of MC#7 and its ammonia free!


- Convenient Aerosol Can with Extension Tube
- Stronger MC#7 Formula More Power and Easier Cleaning
- Ammonia Free
- Non-Abrasive harmless to the bore surface
- Fast acting
- Convenient to use aerosolQuick and easy to apply
- Conditions bore for impact accuracy on first shot
- Maintains accuracy in new firearms
- Restores accuracy in old firearms
- Prolongs barrel life


- Size: 12 oz Aerosol Can