Silva Race 360 Jet Left

Silva’s new race thumb compasses are perfect for the orienteer, the adventure race athlete, or whoever is in need of a compass with outstanding quality, needle settling time, and stability during running. The needle has a new design with more transparency which increases the map visibility. The baseplate also features a new design which contributes to better contact between thumb and map, and with a thicker baseplate material it withstands the toughest conditions. The Race Jet is your compass if you’re looking for an elite thumb compass without fuss - lots of transparency to increase the map visibility and all the high-end qualities that you may need. The Race S Jet is exactly this, plus the Spectra system, and if you prefer a turnable capsule, choose the Race 360 Jet. Left and right hand specific. New needle design – increases map visibility|New baseplate design – allows thumb contact with map |Thicker baseplate material – withstands tougher conditions |New friction element – improved friction against map|Smaller capsule – decreases risk of volume changes due to temperature variation which leads to less risk of “bubbles” |New Spectra graphics – more transparency increases map visibility |Race S Jet: Includes the Spectra system|Race 360 Jet: Includes turnable capsule