Singing Rock Colt Wire Bent

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Hot forged I-beam construction makes the Colt carabiner very light and still extremely strong. Angled snag free keylock nose for smooth clipping and unclipping. Available in twist lock, straight, bent, wire straight and wire bent designs. Weight: TL 48 grams|Weight: Straight and bent 42 grams|Weight: Straight and bent 42 grams|Weight: Wire 36 grams|Weight: Wire 36 grams|Weight: TL 48 grams|Strength: 26kN|Strength: 26kN|Weight: Straight and bent 42 grams|CE and UIAA Certified|CE and UIAA Certified|Weight: Wire 36 grams|Strength: 26kN|CE and UIAA Certified