Singing Rock Expert III Easy Lock Climbing Harness M/L

Fully adjustable fall-arrest harness with padded waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps. Also suitable for work positioning, descent, ascent and rescue service. Easy Lock buckles are quick to adjust and secure. Speed Lock buckles are found on both the Expert III Speed and Expert III Steel Speed harnesses. NFPA version includes Speed Lock buckles and all steel components and attachment points. These features make the Expert III the ideal harness for all users. Padded waist belt, leg loops, and shoulder straps|Independently adjustable leg loops and shoulder straps|Specially shaped waist belt and legs loops|Front and rear lower attachment point for descender placement or work positioning (EN 813)|Lateral attachment points for work positioning (EN 358)|2 large thermoformed gear loops + 4 textile loops for tool bag mounting|Construction of the leg loops reduces strain on back|Easy Lock buckles enable fluent and fast adjustment to fit to users body|Flat rear attachment point does not press on user's back when carrying backpack or breathing apparatus|Ozone carabiner attachment facilitates removal of the shoulder straps|Can be used as a sit harness or full body harness|Weight: 2200 grams / 77.6 oz|Easy Lock or Speed Lock buckles|Padded waist belt, leg loops and shoulders|Specially shaped waist and legs|Front and rear tie-in points for fall-arrest (EN 361)|Side attachment point for work positioning|CE 1019 •EN 358 •EN 813 •EN 361