Singing Rock Hector Sg Hms Carabiner

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The Hector Carabiner is a large versatile, pear-shaped HMS carabiner designed for multiple uses, but mainly for belaying or anchoring when working at heights.  Due to it's high strength and large gate opening it's mainly used as a central carabiner when anchoring.  It's pear-shaped basket facilitates belaying with the Munter hitch or other belay devices.  Comes in several closure styles: screw gate, screw gate with captive bar, triple lock, and triple lock with captive bar.

  • Weight: 83g, 2.9 oz
  • Material: Light alloy
  • Strength: Major Axis - 30kN, Minor Axis - 9kN, Opening Gate - 26mm
  • CE 1019. EN 12275, and EN 362 certifications