Sks Tubeless Kit W/ 25Mm Tape

The TUBELESS KIT includes all necessary parts for retrofitting to tubeless tires. The SEAL YOUR TIRE sealing milk is also suitable for repair or as a preventive puncture protection and seals cracks up to 6 mm. SEAL YOUR TIRE is CO2-compatible, so the tire can also be filled with CO2. The contents of the bottles (2 x 125 ml) are enough for a mountain bike tire set: 125 ml for one tire set of XC / AM bikes, 250 ml for a tire set of enduro and downhill bikes. Includes: 2 bottles of SEAL YOUR TIRE milk, 2 tubeless valves, 9 meter rim tape (25mm or 29mm wide), valve remover, replacement valve, adapter for SV / DV, 2 hose pieces for filling.