Snugpak Kit Monster Black 120L

Some refer to the Snugpakᅡᆴ Kit Monster as a carryall. It has a variety of handles and loops which allow the bag to be carried as a hold all, it can be worn on the back as a rucksack when you use the shoulder straps, or just a simple duffle style gear bag. One unique feature of the Kit Monster that sets it apart from standard duffle style bags is it is equipped with compression straps that allow the excess volume to be reduced, which in turns reduces the bulk of the bag. The Kit Monster also has grab handles on each end. This is great for those extremely heavy loads when you need a buddy to help you lift it into the helo or onto the boat. Also the grab handles on each end can also be used in conjunction with a carabiner to secure the Kit Monster to prevent it from moving around. A couple of other features are the heavy duty base and chunky zipper. Specification - 120 Liters: Dimensions: 32¬タンW x 14¬タンH x 17¬タンD Volume: 120 Liter - 7,320 Cubic Inches Weight: 53 oz / 1.5kg