Snugpak Snugpak TS1 Liner Black 92090

The Snugpak TS1 (Thermal Suede) Liner adds thermal retention properties to your sleeping bag to enhance its performance in cold weather conditions. The TS1 Liner is made with a soft knitted polyester fabric engineered with one side raised and textured to produce a suede-like feel. The fabric utilizes yarns with different thicknesses to optimize the liner�s water wicking ability in one direction � away from your body. Wicking the water away from your body ensures you will be comfortable and warm in cold climates where retaining moisture can be dangerous. The liner insulates you while remaining very breathable, so you won�t overheat. The TS1 Liner�s dimensions are 87 inches long by 30 inches wide to offer you plenty of room while you are sleeping. The liner weighs 11 ounces and packs down to a travel-friendly 10 inch by 4 inch size within the included stuff sack. To prevent the liner from twisting within a Snugpak sleeping bag, secure the liner using the Tie In Loops near the feet to attach the two together. The TS1 Liner is also easy to remove from your sleeping bag and wash for a versatile, easy to care for thermal layer. The TS1 Liner will keep you warm and dry with its soft, water-wicking fabric and provide you with a comfortable night�s sleep when the temperature drops.