South Bend Nonlead Removable Size 7 Splitshot Sinkers

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Lead substitute sinkers are made from a mixture of environmentally safe alloys and are perfect for all applications. Rubber center sinkers are oval shaped with a rubber core to make them easier to attach to your line. Rubber center sinkers: wt: 1/8 oz, 6 Pack; wt: 1/2 oz, 3 Pack.|Removable split shot sinkers crimp on your line or pinch the "ears" to remove it. Split shot sinkers: wt: BB, 48 Pack; wt: 4 oz, 16 Pack; wt: 7 oz, 24 Pack.|Rubber center sinkers: wt: 1/8oz, 6Pack; wt: 1/2oz, 3Pack|Split shot sinkers: wt: BB, 48Pack; wt: 4oz, 16Pack; wt: 7oz, 24Pack