Stealth Cam GX45NG Triad 12 MP Trail Cam

The GX45NG is a 12.0 Megapixel (3 resolutions; 12.0mp, 8.0mp, 4.0mp) camera that integrates 45 No Glo IR emitters with a 100-foot range, making it great for land management professionals, surveillance and home security, or for hunters tracking potential trophies. Taking advantage of today¬タルs technology and the outdoor enthusiast¬タルs busy schedule, the Stealth Cam GX45NG allows users to preview images on location. The GX45NG has a built in 2-inch color LCD viewing screen for quick image or video inspection, giving the avid hunter new opportunities to plan his or her hunting strategies. The GX45NG also records 1080P HD videos and has a time lapse function with PIR (motion sensor) Override. Operating the menu screen is simple with an intuitive backlit display. Choose from one of three popular quick set options, or customize the camera to your specific needs. Dynamically enhancing the image and video quality are an advanced image processor, Matrix advanced Blur Reduction technology, Retina Low light sensitivity technology, and a blazing fast .4 second Reflex trigger speed. These features provide maximum exposure while covering multiple zones of angle and distance. The burst mode allows 1-9 images per triggering while the camera also has a 5-59 sec/ 1-59 min recovery time out. While observing the images, a user will appreciate the Time/Date/Moon Phase/Temperature/ Customizable Name Stamp on every video or image that helps establish the habits and patterns of the animal, making educated hunting tactics possible. With the preset date and time, your camera will come packaged with the correct date and time (CST) ensuring you never miss this crucial information. The test mode ensures the camera is function-ready, and picking up in your target area before leaving the location. The SD card slot is capable of using a 64GB card, storing thousands of videos and images for hours of review. This scouting camera exceeds expectations with its GEO-Tag GPS meta-tagging system, which allows landowners to manage the cameras and animals with ease by pinpointing location and tracking favorite sites. Stealth Cam also included a multi lingual option (English/ French/ German/ Spanish) in the GCX45NG allowing users of many nationalities to operate and enjoy the camera with ease.