Streetwise Cutting Edge Streetwise SMART 24m Keychain Stun Gun Pink SWS24PK

We have�smart�cars,�smartphones, and�smart�homes. Why not a�smart�self-defense product? Introducing the�Smart�24,000,000 Keychain Stun Gun by Streetwise Security Products. The key to effectively defending yourself with a stun gun is having it easily accessible and being able to activate it quickly. This is the first stun gun to replace the traditional safety switch with a Touch Sensing Safety that senses when the unit is in your hand in the �stun ready� position and automatically turns off the safety. This saves you valuable time not having to fumble with the switches and buttons required to defend yourself with a traditional stun gun. Unlike most stun guns on the market today, the stun feature can be used while the light is on (other models require you to change from flashlight mode to stun mode). This saves more valuable time when you need to quickly defend yourself.