Streetwise Streetwise Square Off 26m Keychain Stun Gun Pink SWSO26PK

The next BIG�thing in the stun gun market is actually a very�SMALL�thing. Measuring less than 2 inches the patent-pending�Square�Off�26,000,000 Keychain Stun Gun by Streetwise Security Products is the world�s smallest stun gun! At this size, you are probably thinking that it could not be very powerful or have many features. Well, think again! Using the latest technology this tiny, lightweight unit has more power than models 2 to 3 times its size. Additionally, it features a bright LED light and 110 dB alarm.� The�Square�Off�got its name for more than just its shape - it is the confident attitude you will have knowing you are prepared to defend yourself from an attacker. The dictionary defines the verb�square�off�as taking a fighting stance or preparing to fight. When carrying the�Square�Off�Stun Gun you will refuse to be a victim.�