Top Dawg EagleEye 1296P DVR Dash Cam

The Top Dawg 1296P GPS DVR Dash Cam will help you easily record your driver's view or interior view in real time with 1296P video and audio, plus you will be able to see where the vehicle was on Google Maps!  This GPS HD Video Player displays the vehicle's location on Google maps, as well as the vehicle's speed, direction and the longitude and latitude as well. The Top Dawg 1296P GPS Dash Cam is easy to install in minutes and includes everything to get started: simply clip the dash cam in-car camera onto the windshield with the included heavy duty windshield mount and plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter!  All videos are recorded on a micro SD card (8GB microSD Card included) in AVI file format, for later playback on your PC, laptop or TV using the included HDMI cable, or USB 2.0 Cable. This GPS Dash Cam also has G-sensor technology which can detect an impact or collision and will automatically record 20 seconds prior and after impact and save and lock this video file onto the SD Card. This technology has been used by police officers for years to protect them, why shouldn't you use that same technology? Now, if your insurance companies or any Judge wants evidence of a traffic ticket or accident, you will have a time and date stamped video that will assist you.