Top Dawg Wireless License Plate Backup Wide Angel HD Camera

Do you want to reduce the chances of a backup accident by 70% or more? This wireless night vision license plate camera color camera system will show video of what is behind vehicle when vehicle is in reverse. This system has a WIRELESS Color Camera that is installed on license plate bracket and is designed to be installed on top or bottom part of license plate. Power is supplied to the license plate camera by tapping into reverse back lights. This system also includes a 4.3 TFT touch screen LCD with a separate power source. When you put your vehicle into reverse gear, your reversing lights turn on and power is sent to the camera and the transmitter, sending out a video signal, the and the LCD will show what is behind the vehicle before you reverse. This system is designed for cars, SUV¬タルs, trucks, commercial trucks, RV¬タルs buses and more.