Tribe One Outdoors Packnet Lp Series Black

Attaching gear to the exterior of your pack normally includes the use of pack-cord, bungee, or straps that never seem to do the job.The Tribe OneNet seriesis the perfect solution for attaching the gear you carry to your pack in a more balanced and secure way. Made from high strength military spec shock cord featuring a unique center hub and a flexible two-loop adjustment system. PackNet LP Series: Great for storing larger items such assleeping bag,pad, or tent. Includes 6 Individual PackTach's. Dimensions: 14" x 14." Weight: 6.6 oz.|MiniNet OP Series: Great for storing smaller items such as a pack towel, shoes or water bottles. The MiniNet fits on day packs, duffle bags, and even hip sacks. Includes 4 Individual PackTach's. Dimensions: 6" x 9." Weight: 3.6 oz.