Trophy Ridge Revolution Micro Rest LH ADA200L

Designed for quick, easy setup. From its internal components that fine tune the timing to your bow's performance, to the string clamp (included) that allows you to attach the Revolution without using a bow press and splitting your cables. Once you engage the Revolution's launcher arm around your arrow, you'll never have to worry about it falling off or rattling loosely in your rest. The silencer pads (included) and your arrow will remain silent through load, draw and release. And after you draw back, if that perfect shot doesn't reveal itself, the Revolution remains in containment position after you let down. Provides the greatest level of clearance regardless of fletching size. The launcher arm is engineered to provide support as the arrow is released and quickly rotate out of the fletching's way while its internal mechanism prevents bounce back and dampens noise to deliver a dead silent shot. Micro Adjust Left Hand Model.